National Review’s Jonah Goldberg has a piece out Wednesday examining why the “Cult of Trump” has taken hold, and it’s well worth a look.

New York magazine writer Jonathan Chait obviously read the piece, but he broke out the highlighter and floated these two theories in one astounding tweet in response to Goldberg’s claim that conservatives under Obama saw abuses ranging from IRS targeting to Benghazi.

Serious answer …

Guy Benson, political editor of Twitchy sister site, offered Chait tipsheets on both the IRS targeting scandal and Benghazi which provide precisely the fact-checks he claims to be in search of, seeing as his was a serious question.

As far as Benghazi goes, we’re not sure where Chait thinks that YouTube video cited by the Obama administration fits into “bureaucratic confusion.” Check here for more on how that narrative got started.

Chait’s still not convinced, though he really ought to check that Townhall tipsheet.

Chait seems to have moved the goalposts before claiming “proven reality” — didn’t he claim up above that the IRS targeted left and right equally?

Any other serious questions?


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