As Twitchy reported Tuesday, MSNBC’s Katy Tur took an unusual tack when reporting on $1,000 bonuses being paid out to workers in Ohio. She’d ask a worker what they planned to do with the money, and then attempt to paint their aspiration as way out of reach … like this:

After “fact-checking” a couple of workers’ goals into dust, Tur was inundated with tweets explaining what “saving” for something means. It seems the message might have gotten through a bit — on Wednesday, Tur suddenly decided $1,000 was a big deal. Mediaite has the video:

“Every dollar counts and $1,000 is a very big deal,” Tur claimed on air, adding, “shouldn’t we be pushing for long-term salary hikes, the kind of sustained help that would transform big-ticket dreams into everyday realities?”

“Or does that make me seem out of touch? I’m just not sure,” she concluded.


Elitist SNOB! MSNBC’s Katy Tur goes for the gold in SNEERING at working Americans