Actually, it’s been kind of fun (and infuriating) to watch the narrative about Hillary Clinton’s election loss and Russian meddling evolve. At first, everyone was claiming Russia “hacked” the election, with Jill Stein wondering aloud if Russian agents had sneaked floppy disks into polling places and reprogrammed voting machines.

Months later, it turns out that Americans were influenced by Russian ads on Facebook, such as the coloring pages of Bernie Sanders in a Speedo doing muscle poses and Hillary arm-wrestling Jesus.

By now, of course, Robert Mueller was to have had President Trump impeached with proof his campaign colluded with Vladimir Putin, but while we wait for that, it looks like Senate Democrats are going to pull a stunt Tuesday night to make sure the Russia narrative stays alive, regardless of its merits.

Wow, that sounds like something the Obama administration should have dealt with … BEFORE the 2016 election.

Russia, Russia, Russia! What a platform! That and booing pay raises, bonuses, and tax cuts will really help in the midterms.


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