California Rep. Ted Lieu assuredly thinks he was right when he called the GOP’s memo on alleged FISA court abuses not only a nothing burger but “nothing ketchup,” which certainly didn’t align with the abject panic on the part of Rep. Adam Schiff and many in the media that release of the memo would undermine America’s intelligence community (hello Andrea Mitchell) and perhaps even place agents in danger.

Now that everyone’s had a chance to settle down, read the memo, and drop the crying about the FBI being under attack, it’s time for the Democrats’ counter-memo to come out, once President Trump has had a chance to review it for declassification.

Funny … we haven’t heard a single objection yet from the media about the dangers this memo poses. In fact, Lieu says this one gives him the feeling of warm milk and cookies.

Hang on now … is that happy feeling you get with warm milk and cookies comparable to proving Trump colluded with Russia? Because we know that’s what a lot of people are hoping for, and we’re getting a little tired of waiting for evidence to that effect.

Let’s get on record some people who think Trump won’t release the Democrats’ memo publically:

Obstruction B.S.? Republicans on the committee voted unanimously in favor with the Democrats to release their memo, and we’d wager most behind the #ReleaseTheMemo campaign would prefer everything be made public — just not leaked to the press.

C’mon … we know Rep. Lieu can hype up this thing better than that for the “fans.”


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