There’s been a battle of the hashtags on Twitter this week between #SchumerShutdown and #TrumpShutdown. Now that the shutdown is actually here, though, not even The New York Times or the AP has been able to spin things any other way than Senate Democrats blocked passage of a stopgap spending bill to keep the government open.

Part of the argument behind #TrumpShutdown was that Republicans control the House, Senate, and White House, so how could Democrats possibly be responsible for a shutdown? Sen. Patrick Leahy floated that one earlier this week:

You’d think someone who’s been in the Senate since 1975 would know how things work there. As Twitchy reported, even CNN’s Jim Acosta played dumb at a press briefing to advance the Democrats’ narrative.

Amy Siskind gave it a shot too:

That’s Thursday and Friday covered. Up to bat on Saturday was Sally Kohn. Let’s see how she fares.

Um, no.

Oh, she knows.


LOL: Jim Acosta tries to protect Dem shutdown narrative, gets embarrassed BADLY