As Twitchy reported, the website published the #MeToo story of a woman named “Grace” who recounted her sexual assault at the hands of comedian Aziz Ansari.

However, not all women regarded the incident — the two went out on a date that led to oral sex — as sexual assault. Pieces by women supporting Ansari popped up in The New York Times and The Atlantic: Caitlin Flanagan argued that the story was nothing but “3,000 words of revenge porn.”

Now, a war of words has broken out between HLN anchor Ashleigh Banfield and the piece’s 22-year-old author, Katie Way, who says she’s “disgusted” by “burgundy lipstick bad highlights second-wave feminist” Banfield and her attempt to “piggyback” off of Grace’s bravery.

Who’s to blame for all of this strife? As if you needed to ask … it’s the patriarchy, duh.

That’s Jamilah King, race and justice reporter for Mother Jones.

But while the two of them argue, Ansari gets away with a blowjob and maybe a little public embarrassment. Patriarchy!


‘Holy sh*tballs’! writer totally LOST IT after Ashleigh Banfield criticized Aziz Ansari piece