CNN’s Brian Stelter might want to sit down for this; after all, we all know how hyped he was over the idea of Oprah Winfrey running for president in 2020.

However, a new survey of Democrat primary voters suggests that Democrats still prefer old, white men to either Oprah or noted Cherokee Elizabeth Warren.

According to the survey of registered Democratic voters, Joe Biden still leads the pack at 26 percent, followed by Bernie Sanders at 21 percent. Sanders just edged out Winfrey at 20 percent, followed by Elizabeth Warren at 18 percent. For the record, Hillary Clinton was not an option given, although 15 percent chose “Someone else/not sure.”

Interestingly, the group surveyed was 62 percent female, and they still preferred the old, white guys.

It’s true. Biden fell only to Bernie Sanders in the Granite State poll, conducted by the University of New Hampshire last October.



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