It hasn’t been so long since Christmas, which as some might remember, Al Gore described as a remembrance of the time “a homeless woman gave birth to a homeless child.”

Plenty of people at the time were happy to remind Gore that Jesus actually had a home back in Nazareth, not that that mattered to Gore.

Now that talk has turned to DACA and DREAMers, we’re getting that take warmed over and served up as hot by Father Thomas J. Reese.

Reese writes:

It is especially appalling as we conclude the Christmas season to hear Christians denounce amnesty for Dreamers. Did they listen to the Gospels at all during Christmas? Do they not understand that Jesus, Mary and Joseph were refugees fleeing for their lives to take sanctuary in Egypt? Do they not realize that Baby Jesus was a Dreamer in Egypt?

Where are the biblical fundamentalists who say that American law should be based on the Bible? Christians, especially those who believe that scripture should be the foundation of American law, should be leading the charge in support of Dreamers, refugees and other immigrants. Instead, what we see is too many Christians siding with a president who holds Dreamers hostage for ransom $18 billion to pay for his wall along the border with Mexico.

Of course, CNN was all over that story:

Um …

Hey, as long as CNN has a priest on the air …


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