After her appearance at the Golden Globes Sunday night, all the buzz is about Oprah Winfrey running for president. NBC even called her (in a now-deleted tweet) “OUR future president,” and CNN has set up a live blog to cover Oprah 2020 mania.

Let’s give some credit to Slate for playing the contrarian and being probably the first media outlet to pour cold water on this particular hot take.

Of course, most of those who oppose Winfrey running for president make the case that we don’t need another TV star running the country — this is most certainly not a pro-Trump piece. Osita Nwanevu writes:

Now. Close your eyes and picture an ideal president. Someone capable of seriously engaging with not only the above but all of the challenges the 21st century will require us to face: inequality and economic stagnation for the vast majority of Americans, a health care system that still fails millions, and all the rest. Who have you pictured? Is it Oprah Winfrey? Is it really?

Of course, Nwanevu opens his piece by painting as negative a picture of the world possible, citing climate change and the refugee crisis and concluding that “many, many people will die.” So, Oprah Winfrey’s not the best choice in those circumstances?

Some readers still feeling burned by the way (the think) the media treated Hillary Clinton aren’t feeling Slate’s take:

Here’s an argument, and it’s much more focused than Slate’s piece:

By all means, then, Democrats … give her the nomination!

So, how long until Oprah fever burns out in the news cycle? Two days? A week?

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Wow, Slate is NOT feeling the Oprah 2020 buzz:


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