Would you believe that “noted conservative blogger” Jennifer Rubin was selected by Salon as one of its “25 conservatives actually worth following on Twitter”? It’s true — and it wasn’t her pro-Trump stance that won her that accolade, either.

In her latest Washington Post column, Rubin goes all in on the “Trump’s gonna kill us all” bandwagon, calling the president “off his rocker.” We don’t know … the president looked awfully sane (and conservative) signing tax cuts into law not too long ago.

All we know is somebody is becoming unhinged:

“Sent out to read lines written by others”? Do Obama’s speechwriters like Jon Favreau, Ben Rhodes, and Jon Lovett know about this scandal?

Noted conservative Laurence Tribe is partly on board (and has a book to sell):

Ah, “use” the 25th Amendment to “sideline” the president elected by the people just in case the Mueller probe doesn’t lead to impeachment. It’s good to keep a backup fantasy in your pocket in case your first choice doesn’t materialize.

Does it ever occur to these people that Trump was duly elected to do a job and, by and large, is doing what he was elected to do? That tweet about the nuclear button wasn’t nearly as scary as the people on board with Rubin’s thinking:

Does Putin know his puppet is arming Ukraine against pro-Russian separatists?

Liberals? This is the Washington Post’s “conservative” columnist.


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