“What’s the Matter with White People” author Joan Walsh got the news just before Christmas that MSNBC would not be renewing her contract as a contributor to the network. She shared the news with her Twitter followers Saturday morning.

That is pretty cold, getting the news on Christmas weekend. But hey, this is MSNBC — whoever said the network had a heart? Joy Reid wasn’t happy about the news.

So what’s up?

“Her distinct perspective.”

As you can see, fans started the #KeepJoanWalsh hashtag and managed to get it trending on Twitter.

MSNBC has been ticking off its liberal viewership for quite a while now, what with its signing of Hugh Hewitt, Nicole Wallace, George Will, and Greta Van Susteren. Remember when actor Mark Ruffalo got behind a petition drive to demand MSNBC halt its “white conservative hiring spree”? That was pretty funny.

Kurt Schlichter’s pretty broken up by the news.

* * *


It’s a Festivus miracle!


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