Last week’s repeal of Obama-era net neutrality rules had people melting down, with CNN declaring it the “end of the internet as we know it.”

Not surprisingly, the internet Monday is exactly the same as we knew it last week — boiling over with hot takes. Keep in mind this piece was published by Bloomberg View back in August, but Bloomberg decided to retweet it over the weekend, apparently to capitalize on all of the net neutrality panic.

What’s that again? “Regulators” should step in? Leonid Bershidsky calls his policy “the obvious solution” to trolling, fake news, and cyberbullying.

Social networks should be obliged to ban anonymous accounts. If they refuse to do so voluntarily, government regulators should force the issue.

This would immediately resolve the problems of fake names, anonymous bullies, troll armies and hate-speech law violations. There would still be cases of identity theft, but the platforms could easily alert a user if a new account attempted to use his or her card data.

We have to hear that one more time: government regulators should “force the issue” with social media companies? Really?

That’s tempting: we’ve seen some ridiculous tweets from verified blue-check elites we’ve never heard of.


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