The question isn’t whether Mattel’s Barbie doll is woke — that’s been established in a number of recent alterations to the doll as well as posts to the official Barbie Instagram account. The question is: Is she woke enough for progressive millennial parents?

Fast Company notes that Barbie’s “liberal stances have been particularly striking” in the Trump era. On the toy’s Instagram feed, the doll has been posed wearing marriage equality “Love Wins” T-shirts and “People Are People” T-shirts, protesting President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. And of course, Mattel recently introduced a hijab-wearing Barbie.

But is it enough to overcome Barbie’s image? Elizabeth Segran writes:

According to Pew Social Trends, millennials are more ethnically diverse, progressive, and tolerant than older generations. They are most likely to identify as liberal Democrats, which is perhaps why Mattel has been so comfortable having Barbie take anti-Trump stances. Now aged between 20 and 36, they are starting families and want to introduce their progressive values to their children.

So, is Barbie woke enough for millennial parents?

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