The U.S. Senate narrowly passed the GOP tax bill early Saturday morning, and the meltdown among liberals on social media has been nothing less than astounding, with Patton Oswalt declaring, for example, “There’s no America now.”

It wasn’t surprising at all that America’s own pope, ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd, would try to revoke the GOP’s claim of holding “Christian values,” but it was a little unsuspected coming from Chelsea Handler. On second thought, it’s a stupid argument that doesn’t mesh with reality at all, so consider this tweet not at all unsuspected:

Confession time: “Where in the Bible …?” is not one of our favorite games to play, because we always end up playing against people who apparently know the Bible even less than we do. We don’t recall that passage in the Bible, but we also don’t remember anything about handing over all of your income to the government for it to distribute.

But again, maybe we just remember things differently.

Wow, so Republicans not only killed America with their tax bill vote but Jesus as well? No wonder people are so pissed today.

We seem to remember liberals being very serious about separation of church and state, and yet suddenly our senators are being dragged for not following the, um, teachings of Christ?

We hope you enjoyed our quick sit-in with Chelsea Handler’s Bible study group.

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