As Twitchy reported, pro-lifer Obianuju Ekeocha called national scold and ABC News chief political analyst Matthew Dowd a practitioner of “cafeteria Catholicism” after he tweeted that a strong social safety net is his answer to abortion:

Ekeocha certainly wasn’t the only one to have called Dowd a cafeteria Catholic, as he let followers know.

Could Dowd out-preach a priest on the topic?

Nice deflection there, but Father Brendon was talking about abortion. (And we’re pretty sure the news business hasn’t cleared out all of its sexual harassers yet; get on that before tweeting again, OK?)

We second that. And as to that cheap shot from Dowd (which was done out of love, certainly) …

Father, you already won Twitter for the day, but … excuse us … DAMN this is good stuff:

He’s a current political analyst for ABC News who also likes to act as the nation’s moral conscious on Twitter.


Is Father Brendon already righteously blocked by Matthew Dowd? We’re guessing yes, but again, he’d only block a priest out of the pursuit of pure truth, which leads to love above all.


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Bless his HEART: Obianuju Ekeocha SCHOOLS Matthew Dowd and his convenient Catholicism