Any number of liberals and liberal publications — Chris Hayes, Vox, The Atlantic, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Slate, and more — have taken turns this week throwing Bill Clinton under the bus about two decades too late — seems it’s difficult not to look like a hypocrite going after Roy Moore after overlooking rape allegations against a former president.

While readers are angry that pundits are looking back to the Clinton era, a case they thought was closed with Clinton’s impeachment, MSNBC’s Joy Reid isn’t going there at all — she wants to reassess the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.

Oddly, though, Anthony Weiner comes across as the hero of Reid’s revisionist history.

When Weiner’s political career went up in flames? Why was that again?

Of course there’s not a word about Bill Clinton’s accusers; we’re talking about the monster that is Clarence Thomas. Or are we? Reid certainly has a lot to say about Weiner, but even his downfall was the fault of Andrew Breitbart and not his own.

“…by having his minions troll Weiner’s Twitter account in search of his vices.”

Dana Loesch also had trouble with Reid’s recollection of Anthony Weiner, a.k.a. “Rep. Horndog.”

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