It’s not difficult to spot the narrative being constructed now in the wake of sexual misconduct accusations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

First, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said Democrats were “overdue for a real reckoning” with the allegations against Bill Clinton. Then, on Monday night, The Atlantic published a piece declaring that it’s time for Americans, and especially Democrats, to face the allegations against Bill Clinton.

Now, on Tuesday, it’s POLITICO’s turn, and political analyst Jeff Greenfield is up to bat calling for “a painful re-examination” of sexual assault allegations against Bill Clinton.

Wow, ol’ Bubba sure is getting thrown under the bus with Roy Moore, isn’t he? But what’s with this “suddenly” seems morally indefensible? Sure, the #MeToo dam broke with that Harvey Weinstein exposé, but what is it about 2017 that makes it “suddenly” wrong to defend Bill Clinton?

Remember? Clinton was fighting to keep abortion legal, which gave him a free pass with the leading “feminists” of the ’90s. That was all that mattered, really.

Speaking of morally bankrupt, keep an eye out for the pushback against these pieces about Bill Clinton by those who somehow think his impeachment hearing covered rape allegations his devotees still won’t acknowledge. What happened to women being heard and believed?

Maybe he should release a statement and put all of these long-standing allegations to rest then?

* * *