Sen. Jeff Flake might not be seeking reelection, but he’s apparently keeping busy in the time he has left on Capitol Hill. The Sutherland Springs church massacre seems to have inspired him to back some “common sense” gun reform.

Donald Trump Jr. tried to save Flake the trouble by letting him know that there’s already a law in place that does just that.

“Exploited” by Devin Patrick Kelley? The news is already out there that the only reason Kelley was able to purchase a firearm was because the Air Force never entered his assault conviction into the background check database. From NPR:

In other words, the government failed to enforce laws already on the books … but Flake is drawing up a new law to do the same thing?

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Sen. Flake’s office has responded to questions about the loophole that shooter Devin Kelley “exploited”:

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