Independent/#NeverTrump candidate Evan McMullin didn’t do very well in the 2016 election, but a year later, he’s ended up a winner with his entry in Esquire’s election night recap.

The piece is well worth a look, especially if you’re like us and can never get enough of the weepy photos taken at the Javits Center as the tide began to turn. And, for everyone who was wondering, “Gee, I wonder what Evan McMullin is doing right now,” it’s a must-read.

Actually, things didn’t sound much crazier at Trump HQ, even after the election was called:

Take note: the Clinton campaign’s national spokeswoman actually uses the word “coronation” to this day.

It really is a fascinating read, at least for those who can bear to relive Election Day 2016 without curling up into the fetal position … so many liberal tears.

* * *