It seems as though The New York Times has already dropped the most obvious truth-bomb today in response to the church massacre in Sutherland Springs: mass shooters are almost always men … with guns.

We knew that. What America really needs is hot take like that offered by Media Matters for America alumnus Oliver Willis, who managed to bring lady parts into the conversation about gun control.

That take is pretty hot, though we’d take issue with just the first half, and then the second half.

First, conservatives aren’t the ones who can’t answer the simple question of when human life begins; ask a room full of liberals to answer that question and see what happens. Plus, women who want birth control are free to purchase it. Not to mention — we’d wager any conservative woman knows more about female biology than Willis, unless he has some medical degree he’s keeping secret.

Second, the reason conservatives are always needing to lecture on the difference between clips and magazines is this: liberal legislators who draw up what will eventually become gun control laws don’t know the difference, and that matters — a lot.

But go ahead and mansplain.

But he’s an expert on female biology, so give the man some credit.

Willis’s take did spawn another we haven’t often seen, but it’s worth a look:

It’s the ammo loophole!

* * *