Remember President Obama’s earliest press briefings, and how reporter Jeff Zeleny asked Obama what most “enchanted” him in his first 100 days in office?

The press is still at it, but the tone has changed quite a bit. At Wednesday’s press briefing, NBC News’ Peter Alexander asked Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, “What are President Trump’s flaws?”

That question came out of left field for sure, but Huckabee Sanders still managed to answer, if not with a straight face.

Listen to that buzzing of the media hive after she answers. Seriously? What did they expect her to say? “Well, since you asked …”

No one has to ask the press their biggest flaw — it’s pretty obvious.

Still, any suggestions when put on the spot like that?

At least the public realized it was a dumb question to begin with and let it go.

* * *