Pollster Nate Silver earlier this year said it was “painfully obvious” the media’s reaction to then-FBI Director James Comey’s October letter cost Hillary Clinton the election, and today, on the anniversary of the letter, he once again claimed the letter was “probably decisive in the election.” As far as we’re concerned, that day was Election Day, but what do we know?

Readers offered alternative theories, such as Clinton being a horrible candidate, but it seems Americans just can’t get away from this dark anniversary. CNN, for example, is offering visitors to its website the chance to “relive” that fateful day of the Comey letter, complete with a timeline of how it all went down.

Gregory Krieg of CNN writes:

But even in such a weird and unpredictable campaign, Friday, October 28 — just three weeks after the “Access Hollywood” tape dropped — was uniquely gonzo. By the time it was over, with Clinton back in New York ahead of a Saturday trip to stump in Florida, the tone was changed, and the contest was back in doubt.

What follows is a look back at that fateful Friday, as it unfolded on social media.

Guys — that was a year ago. Get over it.

Not a bad idea …

* * *


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