We all know there’s bias in news reporting, but when it’s apparent right from the headline, you know there’s a problem. Check out how The Hill couched this piece on Rep. Frederica Wilson.

It would be difficult to miss.

Overtly biased headline aside, there’s no justification for death threats — assuming from the piece that Wilson has received death threats. From The Hill:

“She’s home,” Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) told the Miami Herald.

“I have not spoken with her about it, but I’ve heard that she’s received substantial death threats and I think she is doing everything she can to ratchet down and let some of us, including me, take over.”

The last time Wilson voted was on Oct. 12.

A source told the newspaper that “nothing else would keep her from voting,” adding that there are investigations into the threats she has faced.

The “rock star” is doing everything she can to ratchet down, everyone.

Sure, the sourcing is weak to nonexistent, but Wilson’s story had to be told.

* * *


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