Planned Parenthood is always serving up on social media a mixed bag of messages: they’re strong women ready to fight for —ahem — women’s health care, and yet they’re also under continuous assault from those who’d prefer taxpayers not subsidize their abortion mill.

Saturday’s tweet from Planned Parenthood is strictly on the defensive, and we have to say we like it.

Many of President Trump’s harshest critics on the right like to respond to every setback with, “But we got Gorsuch.” And if Planned Parenthood thinks that means they’re in trouble, then his appointment might very well be the best thing to come out of Trump’s victory last November.

Oh no:

Justice Gorsuch has gone to extraordinary lengths to try to block people from care at Planned Parenthood. He ruled in favor of allowing bosses the ability to deny their employees birth control coverage, and he has an alarming record on reproductive and LGBTQ rights. If Justice Gorsuch is any indication of the types of judges that President Trump is tapping for lifetime appointments, we’re in big trouble.

“We’re in big trouble.”

He hasn’t locked her up, nor has he built the wall, but we did get Gorsuch.

* * *