As Twitchy reported, Playboy’s November Playmate is Ines Rau, the magazine’s first transgender Playmate. Twitchy compiled some of the reactions on social media, and it looks like Playboy was paying attention to social media as well … although the magazine picked some different responses than we did.

According to the feedback Playboy saw, the magazine is “standing on the right side of history” by featuring a transgender woman in its pages. We thought it was worth a post, but not really an entry in the history books.

It’s almost like Playboy did this as a publicity stunt more than as an act of wokeness.

Maybe … we sort of picture all sorts of woke progressives purchasing their very first issue of Playboy, kind of like when liberals held their noses and bought Dixie Chicks CDs just to spite George W. Bush.

Playboy’s not that woke yet.

* * *