We’re well aware that he works as a White House correspondent for CNN, but Jim Acosta really ought to consider a move to The CW or some other network where his dramatic talents really could be better employed.

In a tweet Thursday, Acosta explained that he’d been off, which likely explains why he didn’t complain about CNN’s and MSNBC’s lousy seating arrangements at Tuesday’s press conference in the Rose Garden.

Funny how the guy who makes his living trying to create the outrage of the day wants to tune it out just like the rest of us do. But alas, he just had to weigh in on the sad spectacle that this week has been, even by Washington, D.C.’s standards.

Oh, that? Like he said, he’s been off, and no one else at CNN has the expertise to cover it.

Too true — we have the proof of that right here, and here too.

* * *


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