Pamela Geller on Wednesday night tweeted her thanks to the jurors who convicted 28-year-old David Wright, also known as Dawud Sharif Abdul Khaliq, of conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism for planning with his uncle and a friend to behead her soon after her 2015 “Draw Muhammad” contest.

Wright, of the Boston area, is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 19.


“The plot fell apart,” reports Reuters, “after Wright’s uncle said he wanted to kill law enforcement officers instead and was shot dead by police.”

Two gunmen attacked the “Draw Muhammed” contest in Garland, Texas, and were shot dead by security. That reportedly inspired Wright, his uncle, Usaamah Abdullah Rahim, and a friend, Nicholas Rovinski, to plot to behead Geller in New York. Rahim was killed by police in Boston in 2015; he had reportedly abandoned the plot to behead Geller in favor of a plot to kill law enforcement officers.

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