Reason reports that opponents of Chicago’s soda tax, passed just last November, can crack open a can of Coke and celebrate — the tax is dead, after lawmakers in Cook County, Ill., voted to repeal it.

Baylen Linnekin writes that the tax was all about money, not public health, and pretty much everyone knew it:

The short-lived tax, passed in November 2016, was a disaster. Billed as a way to raise revenue and improve residents’ health, instead it spurred lawsuits and threats from the federal government. Retailers complained beverage sales had plummeted by nearly half, thanks in part to wealthier consumers avoiding the tax by driving outside the county to buy soda.

The county had billed the tax as a health measure. But, as criticism mounted, even supporters on the council were forced to admit the obvious: the tax was nothing but a money grab. Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg labeled the tax “a bald cash grab” that “was never about battling obesity or diabetes.”

Furthermore, ads promoting the tax were reportedly bankrolled by none other than soda’s No. 1 enemy, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

So, the tax was just a money grab? Grab a Mountain Dew and celebrate!

Hmm … now we’re wondering if Chicago has any problems other than soda consumption it could prioritize.

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