After a bit of rioting in November blew over, we got an idea of how classy “The Resistance” was going to be back in January, when women donned pussy hats and marched to the National Mall to hear Ashley Judd recite some spoken word-jazz piece about nasty women and menstrual blood stains and erections and Adolf Hitler.

The Resistance is still counting on Donald Trump being impeached — they must really, really want Mike Pence to be president. And they’re still keeping it classy. Now Hustler founder Larry Flynt is taking out a full-page ad in the Washington Post and offering $10 million for dirt leading to Trump’s impeachment.

Here’s a copy of the ad as it will appear. Now that Democrats are being shamed into returning Harvey Weinstein’s donations, who couldn’t use a bit of that sweet Hustler cash?

Newsweek reports:

The full page advertisement says that Trump “only” won the election thanks to the “quirks” of the electoral college, which it calls “a real anachronism today.” It accused Republicans of a “scorched-earth spree of gerrymandering” after the 2010 census.

The advert says that Trump’s missteps include “inciting violent civil strife with his racial dog whistling,” “gross nepotism,” and “sabotaging” the Paris accord on climate change.

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