Here’s a good one from the Voxsplainers at Vox: did you know that antifa “dominates” media coverage?

They might want to check their own news archives: no one in the mainstream press ever mentioned the word antifa until President Donald Trump controversially suggested there was more than one group contributing to the bigotry and violence in Charlottesville. And even then, bright minds like Brian Fallon and Jeffrey Goldberg rushed in to defend antifa as modern day Allied soldiers storming the beach at Normandy to fight Nazis — not the anarcho-communists in black hoodies and kerchiefs they really are.

It was only then that a few brave news outlets dared look into the phenomenon that entered the public consciousness when antifa set fires and vandalized Berkeley over a Milo Yiannopoulos speech.

In any case, here’s a question Vox easily could have answered for itself without pestering the rest of us with a dumb video:

Um …

Mass shooters only make up a small part of gun owners. So why do millions of NRA members dominate media coverage? White supremacists make up an infinitesimal proportion of conservatives in America. So why do clowns like Richard Spencer dominate media coverage? We could do this all day.

Vox is gonna Vox, though.

* * *


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