Liberals really are taking the sexual harassment revelations about movie mogul and Democrat donor Harvey Weinstein pretty hard, so much so that they’re lashing out against whatever’s handy — and that almost always ends up being Donald Trump.

Remember that one Wednesday night last October, less than a month before the election, when the New York Times, CBS News, and the Palm Beach Post all dropped sexual assault allegations against Trump within the space of an hour?

Remember how the media didn’t follow up on any of those allegations once it was determined they weren’t going to sink Trump’s campaign, and that the Billy Bush tape seemed to be resonating with the public more? That’s how deeply they cared about the women in those articles.

Count Pollster Nate Silver among those who seem awfully upset that people aren’t automatically making the comparison he thinks exists between Trump and Weinstein:

Now, we’ve already been through this once today with liberal singer John Legend, who seems to think there are different standards for men’s behavior depending on their jobs — as if women who were harassed by Weinstein found it less appalling because he was just a movie producer.

Just like Jimmy Kimmel and the NRA, he’s more angry with Trump voters than he is with Harvey Weinstein.

What did Trump do?


Sorry, Nate, but there’s a giant donkey in the room we can’t just ignore.

* * *