Search in Google and you’ll see just how much of a commotion it caused when a political strategist suggested that the media takes Donald Trump literally, but not seriously.

It’s a particularly big problem in print media, where it’s the job of reporters to paint the picture for people who weren’t there in the room — a picture that doesn’t always match the video that eventually pops up online.

Writer Geraldine DeRuiter, for example, was particularly triggered by a line in the Washington Post’s story about President Trump’s visit to Puerto Rico:

Trump passed out yellow bags of rice and then started tossing rolls of towels into the crowd as if he were shooting free throws. The crowd laughed and cheered him on. When he contemplated doing the same with the cans of chicken, the crowd gently told him no.

What? This calls for a red underline!

He was just joking with them, right?


First you laugh, then you get the chicken, then you get the FEMA money.

You mansplained, sir.

If DeRuiter reads in the Washington Post that Trump contemplated raining down missiles of canned chicken on Hurricane survivors, you’d better damn well believe it.

Although it does remind us and a lot of people of the infamous Thanksgiving episode of “WKRP in Cincinnati.”

Guys, he “contemplated” hurling cans at brown people … that shows racism and premeditation and intent.


* * *