Here’s just what America needs right now, via the Huffington Post:

Emily McCombs fills us in on Sham Hinchey and Marzia Messina’s photography project called, “Dear Daughters.”

“Asking men to take time with their daughters can help to open up their eyes on an issue which is very close to them,” Hinchey told HuffPost. “Male chauvinism and feminism are not abstract concepts, they are issues that are most likely already at their doorstep and will most certainly be a part of their daughter’s life in the future. If we question, empathize, listen and educate ourselves first and foremost then it will push us to focus on the problems and responsibilities, making it easier to pass down this awareness to our children through dialogue and practice.”

So, dads, are you ready to talk with your daughters about feminism?

Mic drop.

Heck no … it’s a dialogue, facilitated by a board game with hand-drawn cards that guide discussions with prompts such as, “Name a woman you admire” and “What lessons have you learned by bringing a daughter into the world?”


Funny how the women we admire most don’t credit a deep grounding in feminist thought with their accomplishments.

If this sounds like something you’d like to read more about, feel free to sign up at HuffPost Parents:

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