Tallahassee mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum is getting in his take on gun control; specifically, that a lack of it has turned a list of formerly peaceful places into “war zones.” (Funny how the mayor didn’t list any Democrat-run cities in his list of war zones.)

Since Gillum is currently to run Florida, maybe he could make it a tad more clear what he means by “inaction,” and just what further action he’d advise to make sure these places aren’t turned into war zones — making them gun-free zones, for instance?

Hang on now … CNN’s Chris Cillizza assured us Tuesday night that it’s the gun lobby — not politicians — that has convinced people Democrats want to seize their guns — and yet we’re not sure what exactly Gillum has in mind that would make these gun-free zones truly gun-free.

Maybe fix Tallahassee’s gun homicide problem first?

* * *