What a surprise — two days after a mass shooting, Politico is out with a comprehensive analysis of gun lobbyist contributions during the 2016 election cycle, which might make sense if there were any connection between the NRA and the maniac who fired on a country music concert from a hotel room in Las Vegas.

That’s not much of a living. If you want a chance at owning that Lamborghini, selling body parts is the way to go.


There certainly has been a lot of chatter about gun lobby contributions the last couple of days, but the Washington Post’s figure, circulated Monday, actually seemed pretty low to a lot of people.

That’s it? Plenty of other lobbying groups give a whole lot more …

That was awfully fun to watch.

Yes, definitely do Planned Parenthood next.

Michael Bloomberg? Isn’t he the guy behind Everytown for Gun Safety? The lobbying group that ended gun violence?

* * *