It looks like the United States might be avoiding the lesson learned when Germany opened its arms wide to refugees only to learn it couldn’t possibly integrate them all — nor did they all want to be integrated.

The White House is planning to cap refugee admissions for Fiscal Year 2018 at 45,000 — the lowest number since the passage of the 1980 Refugee Act, and less than half the number set by the Obama administration. Yes, even the sainted Barack Obama set a limit on refugees accepted, although Samantha Power did have a family of Syrian refugees over for dinner one night.

Whoa … even people who follow NPR on Twitter can’t ignore what they’ve seen happen in Europe over the past few years.

Then again, if the Trump administration continues to crack down on immigration, many refugees already here will continue to head for a “temporary” refugee intake camp on the Canadian border. Word is out that if they seek refugee status in Canada through the proper channels, they’ll be turned back to the U.S.; however, if they cross illegally into Canada (what Justin Trudeau likes to call “irregular migration”), Canada has to accept them as refugees, even coming from the U.S. And Trudeau loves refugees.

Let’s see what people who follow Fox & Friends on Twitter had to say:

This isn’t the narrative we’ve been getting from the mainstream media at all! No one tell CNN’s Jim Acosta, OK? We really don’t need him in tears and quoting “The New Colossus” anymore. This is still the guy’s pinned tweet:

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