We had suspected the hottest takes on the death of Hugh Hefner might come from CNN, where the talking heads would have to explain how Hefner was “a cultural icon who changed the world” without accidentally triggering Brooke Baldwin by mentioning boobs.

But then along came Jeet Heer, senior editor of The New Republic, to launch a particularly progressive critique of Hefner and his Playboy empire. You see, Hefner’s tastes in women just weren’t very diverse, were they?

Who wants to take this one… Douthat?

Does that make Wonder Bread the Playboy of sandwich bread? Because they sell that stuff at kids’ eye level.

Because the endless hot takes are a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of heating the house, duh.

He’ll almost certainly expand his tweet into a feature-length piece for The New Republic, but the scraps will have to do for now.

* * *