Too little, too late? Or were all the NFL players who joined in national anthem protests last Sunday planning to stand this coming week and weekend anyway? Were they protesting police brutality or just Donald Trump, or maybe both … do they even know? America doesn’t.

On Thursday, the Denver Broncos tweeted “a message from our players” indicating that the team would be standing as the anthem played Sunday.

And on Thursday night, players were standing at the Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers game.

In case anyone missed it, the respective teams each tweeted animated GIFs of the anthem.

The Broncos’ statement was anything but hard hitting, noting that last Sunday was “an emotional time for everyone” and that “we can all do better” when it comes to all forms of social justice (*barf*). However, they’re a team, and on Sunday, they’ll be standing together.

Maybe there were still tickets available, so the Broncos thought they’d better not keep their show of unity and patriotism a surprise from fans who were turned off.

“Make no mistake” — their actions “were in no way a protest of the military, the flag or those who keep us safe.” Funny how the statement doesn’t mention “police” by name as being among those who keep us safe; that might help smooth over Colin Kaepernick wearing those socks with police depicted as pigs.


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