Dana Loesch knows all about taking heat, especially after people who should know better decided the NRA’s ad — featuring scenes of mob violence by the left — was an incitement to violence against liberals: “I think the NRA is telling people to shoot us,” Sen. Chris Murphy tweeted.

There’s no way the NRA’s newest spot could generate that type of reaction (we hope), but it’s still triggering those who are offended by anything the NRA does. In this ad, veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso Jr. gives his thoughts on standing for the national anthem.

And here’s Dana Loesch on “Varney & Co.” explaining why the ad is important, especially at a time when progressives seem determined to twist standing for the anthem and the flag as some sort of support for white supremacy.

The Brady Campaign doesn’t seem to think the NRA is supposed to talk about anything but guns — which is weird, because anti-gun groups haven’t been shy about promoting liberal causes (just look at Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts and her hot take on health care today).

Maybe watch that video again — we’re pretty certain Dom Raso doesn’t deliver anyone’s messages but his own. And it’s not as though not standing for the anthem is a new development; it’s just that Trump speaking out on the issue made it safe for all the anti-Trump folks (like Hollywood types) to get in on the action.

The NFL players saying they’re simply using their platform to express themselves, and the NRA has given a veteran a platform to express himself — sounds pretty American to us.

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