Sen. Kamala Harris, 52, might seem to indicate with each and every tweet that she’s jockeying for the Democratic nomination in 2020, but a new poll by CNN shows that the people Democrats consider the leaders of the party are substantially older or out of politics (almost) entirely.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza notes that the top five vote getters when asked the question, who best reflects the core values of the Democratic party, were Barack Obama (18 percent), Bernie Sanders (not a Democrat, at 14 percent), Hillary Clinton (10 percent), Joe Biden (7 percent), and Elizabeth Warren (6 percent).

So, looking forward to 2020, we could have Obama/Biden II, a rematch between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, or Hillary stand-in Elizabeth Warren.


Really, though, it doesn’t look as though the up-and-comers in the Democrat party are quite ready to depose cranky socialist Bernie Sanders anytime soon.

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