The long national nightmare continues. We’re old enough to remember counting the days during the Iranian hostage crisis and slapping up “Free the Hostages” stickers everywhere there was space … but that was a long time ago. Now pro athletes and TV actors and celebrities are taking a knee and counting the days that Colin Kaepernick has been “denied work in the NFL.”

Jamilah King, race and justice reporter for Mother Jones, has taken on the task of maintaining the #KapWatch, which now stands at an appalling 210 days (guessing the NFL offseason isn’t taken into account).

Yes, there’s a #KapWatch. Let’s keep it trending every day until he’s rehired, OK?

Wow — 210 days is a long time; long enough to forget what Kaepernick was protesting in the first place. People posting photos of themselves taking a knee seem to think it’s about unity, or white supremacy, or the X-Files reboot, or cupcakes or something, but Kaepernick’s socks featuring pigs dressed as police officers are a pretty good reminder that he was down with the Black Lives Matter movement.

He also wasn’t that good.

And another thing:

What is it with the NFL anyway? Can it just deny anyone work for any reason?

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For those who care, King and a partner have created the @KapWatch account so you can track the number of days he’s been denied employment by the NFL.

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