As anyone who reads Twitchy knows, Chelsea Manning communicates in a sort of half-English/half-emoji dialect rivaled in its preciousness only by Cher.

Jim Treacher is a giver, and in a piece in the Daily Caller, he revealed that his attempts to communicate with Manning in her own language got him in hot water — Twitter handed down a 12-hour suspension from tweeting because of this:

Treacher writes that he’s been using the string of emoji for about a month but was just now hit with the 12-hour suspension. “I’m not banned, and my account is still there, but I can’t tweet anything or reply to anybody,” he writes. “They made me delete a couple of tweets with that series of emojis before even granting me the suspension.”

Like he says, though, Twitter is a private platform (until Valerie Plame raises enough to buy it) and can enforce its own rules. Let that serve as a warning, though, to anyone else out there who tries to get cute.

* * *