As Twitchy reported, President Trump via Twitter on Saturday morning withdrew his White House invitation to Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry, sending the hashtag #TakeAKnee to the top of Twitter’s United States trends.

Whether it was wise for Trump to disinvite Curry, particularly through a tweet, is another argument altogether, but Newsweek put a particular spin on the dust-up with its headline:

Imagine that: Trump slammed Stephen Curry for skipping a visit to the White House, but he didn’t slam Tom Brady. The only possible explanation is:

Let’s see what Newsweek has to say about it. Janissa Delzo reports:

Earlier in the year, New England Patriot’s Tom Brady skipped the celebratory White House visit, citing ‘personal family matters,’ but Trump did not comment on Brady’s decision.

To be fair, the words “personal family matters” in Newsweek’s story link to this tweet, which explains, well, nothing:

Hey Newsweek … those personal family matters weren’t a real big secret, in case anyone felt like doing some, you know, reporting.

Gotta watch out for that fake news, though.

* * *