Right around the time Hillary Clinton’s list of people, places, and things she blames for her election loss was hitting bookstore shelves, Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg was putting the finishing touches on his essay “How She Lost,” and it’s well worth a read just to cleanse one’s brain after Hillary’s whirlwind media tour to promote her book.

Greenberg says “malpractice and arrogance” were big contributors to Donald Trump’s victory, and he concludes that a failure to focus on battleground states, particularly in the final stretch, was lethal to her campaign.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza offered his own analysis of Greenberg’s piece, the most intriguing aspect of which he found to be Clinton’s choice “to focus on gender and race issues over class ones.”

Again, Greenberg’s piece is well worth a look, as it’s a brutal takedown of Clinton’s campaign team and strategy, plus it’s always satisfying to read about her losing. Who would believe that assuming she had certain demographic groups and battleground states all locked up was a bad idea?

But … the Russians!

Not that we’re best buds with Chris Cillizza, but someone should really have a word with CNN’s followers about shooting the messenger.

* * *