After President Trump gave his speech before the United National General Assembly Tuesday, there were a few hot takes from progressives who insisted that Trump had just threatened to kill 25 million people.

Those same progressives, of course, are the ones who subscribe to the wisdom of Susan Rice, who has urged the Trump administration to learn to “tolerate” North Korea’s buildup of its nuclear arsenal and continual threats from Kim Jong Un.

There’s no doubt, though, that the war of words has escalated quickly, with “Rocket Man” firing back at Trump Thursday and sending Americans scrambling not for bomb shelters but for dictionaries.

It’s not like North Korea to do any saber rattling — that giant parade of military hardware is just for fun. If it weren’t for Trump and his big mouth, we could go back to ignoring North Korea and its nuclear tests.

It was a pretty good burn, though, considering the translation issues.

But was it … presidential?

* * *