Now that late-night host Jimmy Kimmel (and for some reason not Ben Shapiro) has been named the “conscience of the health care repeal fight,” Democrats think they’ve found a champion in the entertainment business.

National Review has a piece Thursday asking why a late-night TV personality thinks he’s a policy expert:

Theodore Kupfer writes:

… Kimmel should keep on making Americans laugh, and if he includes moving personal stories about his beloved son and advocates based upon what parenting a sick child has taught him, that’s no crime.

But policy expertise is hard-won and not likely to dawn suddenly during crises. It’s also not something that resides in people who make jokes for a living. Just as Kimmel is entitled to share his opinion, his audience is entitled to seek more-informed ones.

That tweet from National Review inspired former DNC chair Howard Dean to make this comment, which he likely thought was very clever:

Dean’s not the only doctor to have found his calling in politics, but take a look at the people who put together Obamacare, not to mention the President who signed it into law. How many experts on health care were involved … and what happened to that $2,500 drop in insurance premiums for the average family?

Then again, Dean is the same guy who insisted for a week that the First Amendment includes no protections for “hate speech,” so maybe he’s one of those Democrats who also insists that “health care” is in the Bill of Rights, and health care itself is a civil right.

Here’s a thought; skip the middlemen in Congress and leave health insurance to the experts in the private health insurance market.

* * *