As Twitchy reported Friday, an 11-year-old from Virginia who had volunteered to mow the White House lawn did exactly that this week, pushing a mower around the Rose Garden while the press took pictures.

Frank also met President Trump and was invited to the Oval Office; to us, it was the feel-good story of the week. But we were warned …

We compiled quite a few tweets from critics, but it seems fitting that the New York Times’ former labor reporter should be given special consideration. He thought it was a great display of patriotism and the work ethic that made America great, right?

Yeah, no.

Oh … if only it were just one tweet. Buckle in.

Greenhouse has written a lot about kids being hurt by machinery. It’s a good thing, then, that no parent in America would let a child under 21 operate something as dangerous as a push mower out in the back yard, let alone pay them an allowance rather than an hourly minimum wage.

Remember lawn darts? Those things were AWESOME.

Here … if you don’t believe child labor is dangerous, read this website about amputees who lost a limb to a lawnmower. Actually, don’t read it — just get rid of your lawnmower and put the time you save mowing into getting them banned. Hell, start a lobbying group called Everylawn for Mower Safety.

Lisa, “dear”? Sounds pretty sexist and condescending. Where are the feminists?

Greenhouse doesn’t have an off switch, by the way, but that’s all we can take.


Exit question: where does Kid Rock stand on the issue of kids mowing lawns? We have a feeling …

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