We’ll assume readers have their protective gear properly fitted and go ahead with the punchline here:

It’s take good old fashioned gumption to put out a take supposedly even hotter than whatever Ta-Nehisi Coates most recently published, but Jeet Heer gave it a shot Thursday.

We won’t mess around trying to parse his 500,000-word essay on Hillary Clinton’s “huge and lasting” legacy when the thesis is right there in plain sight: “Just as one could not vote for Trump without implicitly condoning his racism, one could not vote for him without implicitly condoning his misogyny.”

Get it? A vote for Trump was an explicit attempt to undo the legacy of America’s first black president; voting against Hillary was a vote against the first female president. Therefore, Trump wasn’t just another white man who got elected; he was elected specifically because he was a white man, making his the first White, Male President.

Or maybe we have it all wrong. We’re not gonna read the whole thing.

We warned you it was hot.

* * *