Sen. Kamala Harris certainly looks like she’s gearing up for that leap from the Senate to the White House that Hillary Clinton couldn’t quite land, even with a boost in the form of her secretary of state tenure. Harris looks to be positioning herself to the left of Hillary (and maybe even Bernie Sanders), and she’s even appropriating some of Hillary’s campaign lines.

Clinton, of course, released a video in which she claimed that survivors of sexual abuse should be “heard and believed” (with exceptions, of course). Harris, jumping on the outrage wagon over Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos “siding with rapists” and trying to “repeal,” “roll back,” or “undo” Title IX.

Wow, Harris got all of that out of a TIME article? The one about DeVos arguing that rape victims should be blamed, not believed?

We wouldn’t mind if Harris were content being president in whatever world she occupies, where health care is a right, being in the U.S. illegally is nothing but lawful, and only people who aren’t convicted criminals should receive pardons.

Drum roll …

* * *