Everyone knows by now that three Republican Senators managed to scuttle the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare, the best conservatives could hope for when it became clear the plain old full repeal promised during the campaign season wasn’t in the cards.

Obamacare lives on, but on the plus side, it looks like this year will go some way toward compensating for its over-the-top rollout, which ranged from the cheap — “Pajama Boy” urging families to talk about insurance over hot cocoa — to the $67 million granted for Obamacare “navigators” to help people work their way through the glitchy and crash-prone website. Remember when the Obama administration gave Planned Parenthood $655,000 in navigator grants?


According to a not-at-all biased piece from Reuters, the cuts are “the latest move by the Trump administration to undercut the 2010 Affordable Care Act, former Democratic President Barack Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement.”

Funding for navigators will be cut 41 percent to $36.8 million, and the ad budget will be slashed to just $10 million from last year’s $100,000 budget.

That’s good, right? If all of the money spent by the Obama administration to make people aware of Obamacare did its job, a massive cut is in order this year it would seem.

“Potentially a violation of the Constitution”? Um, show us in the Constitution where the government can force citizens to buy health insurance and then we’ll talk.

To put that in context: California is spending a huge and disproportionate amount of money on a government program. Stop the presses!

But seriously: if all of the liberal celebrities who found time to make Democratic campaign spots and shoot videos lobbying electors to change their votes want to make and place their own ads, more power to them.

* * *